About Us

AERO-PIC Custom Photography

Aero-Pic is a family owned and operated business established in 1950 by Vernon T. O’Brien. Vernon’s love for photography began as a young man and his career began after serving in WWII. During his stint in the service, he had an opportunity to be around aircraft and developed a love for flying. After the war he decided to complete his flight training and combine his passion for photography with his love of flying. The combination of the two turned out to be a long and happy adventure for Vernon. During his first years in business, he worked as a stringer shooting motion pictures for a local TV news station, and still photos for private and publicly held companies and the local news papers. Today, he is recognized as one of the pioneers in aerial photography in the Southeastern United States.

Vernon however had not realized all of his dreams. He dreamed that someday his oldest son, Michael would join him in the business. That dream came true when Michael started his internship in 1983 under the watchful eye of the elder O’Brien and attended Photography School. After learning the photography and business end of the company, he earned his pilot’s license in 1986 and became an intrical part Aero-Pic. Vernon still had one more dream and that was for his youngest son Stephan to become part of the company. That dream became reality when Stephan joined the business in 1988. As with Michael, Stephan studied photography through the experience of his father and Photography School. Stephan also continued on to earn his pilot’s license in 1990. Aero-Pic now boast of over 100 years of combined experience in the photographic industry. Vernon has recently retired, but still consults when needed. Aero-Pic’s tradition is carried on by, Michael and Stephan.

Aero-Pic continues to service the needs of its local community, growing national and international markets with the same honesty and professionalism it was founded on. Aero-Pic is recognized as a leader in real estate, legal, scenic and surveying aerial photography in the Southeastern United States. We also provide location and studio commercial, architectural industrial, marketing, advertising and product photography. We maintain the largest stock photo files of Northeast Florida dating from the 1950’s to present. All work is still completed in our own custom color and black & white photo labs. And in keeping with the current technology, we offer custom digital photography, digital imaging, digital photo restoration and digital printing services. We’ve also expanded our services to include custom framing, mounting and laminating.

The business continues to expand its loyal client base and services. Most recently after much research and discussions with several Universities, High Schools and Photography Schools, we opened our Photographic Supplies Store stocking the equipment and supplies that the schools, students and professional photographers have requested. Aero-Pic is a dealer for hundreds of the finest photographic manufactures including Kodak, Fuji, Ilford, Polaroid, Vivitar, Canon, Nikon, Omega and Sprint Chemistry. We are also a dealer for Southern Photo Technical Service Camera Repairs.

Our relationships have been forged by years of working closely with our clients to ensure their success. Prominent businesses and organizations such as Eastman Kodak, Anheuser-Busch, U.S. Navy, State of Florida, City of Jacksonville, NFL, Jacksonville Jaguars, major real estate developers, contractors and realtors are among our list of clients.

Aero-Pic is regarded as a business that offers excellence, professionalism and expanding products and services that will meet the demands of the changing times and it is exactly what Vernon O’Brien envisioned when he founded Aero-Pic over fifty years ago.